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Ruthie Strop: Recruiter

10 months agoApril 6, 2020
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Rogério Martins Ferraz
9 months agoApril 27, 2020
Hello Ruthie how are you...I am from Brazil and available for new opportunities.

I work with Datacard machine since 1991 and was trained in Minneapolis-USA in parallel I will send you my resume.

Thanks in advance
Rogerio Ferraz
Tim Goede
4 months agoSeptember 15, 2020
Hello Ruthie,
We would definitely like to catch up at some point as we are in the business of matching top talent with client companies looking for the best. Let me know when you are free to catch up to discuss and learn more about each other.

On a side note I have many friends over the years complete that half ironman so I know how much hard work you are putting in. I would have joined them as I am an avid biker and runner, but I am not good with cold water.
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